Education Institution

Shri Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan Ratnashram (Songadh)

Virji Laddhabhai Vidyarthi Griha – INR 200 Million Project

Global Pagoda, Gorai

Actively associated with Global Pagoda for Peace and Harmony (INR 2 Billion Project at Gorai Mumbai)

ICAI BKC Centre of Excellence Auditorium

ICAI BKC Centre of Excellence Auditorium to be named as “Khimji Kunverji Vikamsey” Auditorium

Started in 1923, Shri Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan Ratnashram (Songadh) is a pioneer in the field of providing affordable quality education to Jain Students across the religious spectrum who are economically and socially challenged/ deprived, so as to enrich their quality of life and mould them into responsible human being to our society.
Our founder and Eternal Guiding Force, Late Shivji K Vikamsey had taken the benefit of studying in the institution during his student days and had pledged to repay back to the institution and the society at large by being actively involved in managing it. He was a trustee in it.

Shri Virji Ladhabhai Kutchi Dasha Oswal Vidyarthigriha (VLVG) was established in 1903. The objective of the institution is to provide lodging, boarding, clothing, books, school fees and other facilities to the students of community. The institution also award prizes, scholarship, loans and such other financial assistance to deserving students for their educational purposes, to impart and encourage industrial, commercial, technical, religious and general education to promote culture amongst the students for their overall development.

Our founder and Eternal Guiding Force, Late Shivji K Vikamsey was a past alumni of VLVG and was actively involved in its management. He was a trustee.
Also our senior partner, Kamlesh S VIkamsey is also actively involved in its management and he is also a trustee.
The partners were also involved in re-development of the old hostel building to convert the same into a state of the art residential hostel to provide the best possible facilities to the students.

The Global Pagoda for Peace & Harmony...
Our partners at KKC have been actively associated with Global Pagoda for Peace and Harmony (INR 2 Billion Project at Gorai, Mumbai) right since its conceptualisation stage.

The pagoda consists of three sub-domes. The first and largest dome was completed when bone relics of Gautama Buddha were enshrined in the central locking stone of the dome on October 29, 2006, making it the world's largest hollow stone masonry structure containing relics of the Buddha. The center of the Global Vipassana Pagoda contains the world's largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. The height of the dome is approximately 29 metres, while the height of the building is over 96 meters, which is twice the size of the previously largest hollow stone monument in the world, i.e. The the Gol Gumbaz  Dome in Bijapur, India.
The massive inner dome seats over 8000 people, enabling them to practice the non-sectarian Vipassana meditation as taught by Rev. Shri S N Goenka, and now being practiced in over 160 centres in more than 60 countries.

Our founder and Eternal Guiding Force, Late Shivji K Vikamsey was an assistant teacher of Vipassana Meditation and our senior partner, Kamlesh S. Vikamsey is a trustee and treasurer of Global Vipassana Foundation, an internationally renowned trust, which has constructed Global Pagoda in Mumbai.

Our managing partners, Nilesh S Vikamsey and Ketan S Vikamsey are trustees in Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust (Vipassana International Academy) and Vipassana Research Institute, Igatpuri respectively.
Many of our partners also practice Vipassana meditation, which is the personal purification of the mind. It is the highest form of awareness—the total perception of the mind-matter phenomena in its true nature. It is the choiceless observation of things as they are.

The newly constructed ICAI Tower, in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, houses the ICAI BKC Centre of Excellence Auditorium. The same has been named after our founder as the “Khimji Kunverji Vikamsey Auditorium".
This state of the art auditorium with a seating capacity of 280 is the only auditorium in the premises and was inaugurated in March 2013